Wednesday, December 21, 2011

M.Ed First Chapter Rough Draft

I have completed a rough draft of the first chapter of my Master's Thesis.  Below the embedded pdf file I will mention some of the big changes (not the little ones) that I intend to make.  The goal of this chapter was to thoroughly analyze artifacts we collected in our observations and come up with a question that will drive our M.Ed inquiry.

MEd Chapter 1 Rough Draft

After looking over my own work and sharing it with other MEd students I have decided to make the following revisions (other than the odd syntax, spelling or other minor correction):

  • Add distinct categories of classroom culture.
  • Separate the influence of the environment from the influence from teacher interaction with students.
  • Re-word driving question: instead of relationship between management and culture make it about engineering classroom culture (classroom management would be an example of engineering the classroom).
  • Consider how the kinds of activities in a lesson plan influence classroom culture.

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